Bengali Book Rentals shipped FREE
ClickForBoiTM is a one of a kind Exclusive Bengali Online reading Library and probably the first one in India that aims to lend books not only in West Bengal but across India in more than 1500+ locations ! We have a very large selection of Bengali books ranging from Fiction, non-Fiction, Children's book, Classics, Drama and many others. The books are picked with care and both new and old can be seen in the Library's virtual Boi-shelf. Using this rental book library is very easy. You need to register yourself, start browsing, add your choicest set of books in the Boi-Q based on your reading priority and request for a Delivery - it's that simple! We will ship you the books based on your plan and priority (top to bottom) through our trusted Courier/Logistics Partners. You will receive the books at the comfort of your home ! There are no Delivery or Pickup charges. All of that cost is factored in the monthly low subscription fee. Also, there are no Late fees or Due dates !! After reading, put the books in the self-labeled envelope that we will provide and hand it over to the Courier/Logistics Partner, when they deliver the next set of books. ClickForBoiTM aims to provide an easy, hassle free reading experience to all Bengali book lovers across India so that they can spend more time reading their favorite books ! Also, the plans are very reasonable and costs are kept low as much as possible so that large number of book lovers can avail this facility. Happy Reading ! ClickForBoiTM - Ghore Bose, Boi-er Moja !